Our mission is to improve the lives of victims affected by all forms of domestic abuse.

We aim to do this by:

  • Raising awareness of domestic and sexual abuse and the ongoing suffering of women and children.

  • Protecting women and children and, at the same time, providing the right services and relationships that are empowering and support women to move on and recover their lives.

  • Providing services which are based on listening to survivors.

  • Participating in or leading campaigns to keep the issues in the public consciousness and to raise awareness on the range of violence against women including female genital mutilation, 'honour-based' violence and forced marriages.

  • Supporting and reflecting diversity and promoting equality of opportunity.

  • Supporting and promoting cohesive inter-agency responses to domestic and sexual violence and developing partnerships.

  • Understanding the issues and providing political challenge locally and nationally.

  • Providing safe and secure services for women and children fleeing an abuse situation.

  • Providing support and assistance for women who are in fear of becoming victims of abuse or who have been victims in the past and still require specialist support.

  • Providing a culture of excellence and expertise and to be the main provider and leading specialist of safe, secure and confidential services.

  • Working with victims using an explicitly anti-oppressive approach to the way services are developed and delivered.

  • Working in partnership with funders and others, fostering a reputation for delivering high quality services and proving to be a respected organisation with good governance.