JADA+ is a Journey Away from Domestic Abuse. It is a service that offers advice, assistance, emotional and practical support. As well as this, JADA+ offers information for children/young people and the non-abusing parent.

JADA+ works towards a child centred approach to give children and young people a voice. We take their views and opinions seriously and we place their needs at the centre of all the support being offered.

Through a programme of play and educational activities designed to improve socialisation skills, self-esteem and cooperative play. These sessions will help the child/young person recognise that, the abuse is not their fault, they are not the only one who has been in this position, domestic abuse is a complex issue, and that they can become a survivor through informed choice.

Parenting support will include; Discussion around family roles, boundaries, feelings and assertiveness skills with the aim of enabling the parent to understand the problem and reality of abuse for the entire family, identifying lifelong patterns which can impact on vulnerability, learning techniques for developing new patterns of their own choosing, nutritional advice (are both child and parent eating well), how to recognise physical symptoms in younger children - such as are they wetting the bed, sleeping patterns (often difficult to evaluate if younger children are benefiting from a service but an improvement in physical symptoms can highlight this effectively), addressing behavioural problems (child to clingy or distant), support with the non-abusing parent's anxiety issues (JADA+ worker will assist the non-abusing parent with highlighting their concerns and sign posting to appropriate services such as: counselling, therapeutic support - such as mindfulness course to help assist in easing the anxiety). Parents will also be supported to develop positive parenting skills along wiht better parenting attachments with children.

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