Based in the Leicester Royal Infirmary, the HIDVA provides immediate support and advice to victims of domestic violence within the hospital. She links individuals and families to longer-term community based support and trains hospital staff to ask patients about domestic abuse.

Victims of domestic abuse, in hospital, are often in the immediate aftermath of a crisis: severe physical assault, drug/alcohol related medical needs, attempted suicide or self-harm. The HIDVA will advise on reducing the risk of immediate harm; espcially when hospital release is imminent (half of the clients in hospital are still in a relationship with the perpetrator which means they face additional risk).

Hospital IDVA provides practical support, empathy and understanding. The safety needs of the client are paramount, as well as ensuring longer term community support. The IDVA may: liaise with the police regarding bail conditions/remand, engage with housing and refuge providers, work with community and hospital-based mental health/drug/alcohol services, organise applications for civil remedies, refer to adult and/or children’s social care (both within and outside of the hospital). The aim of the hospital IDVA is to reduce the risk of further harm and homicide, and to ensure that specialist community-based support is sustained.

(Based on SafeLives definition)