The cookers we had were old and overused.  Due to costs and space, we are unable to provide each woman and family with their own cooker. Therefore, the cookers are put through their paces as they are used on a daily basis by more than one family.

Social Media

When we realised that the cooker's were past repair, we made an appeal, on social media, in the hope that a company specialising in kitchen equipment would be able to donate ex-display cookers for our refuges. Unfortunately, despite kind followers sharing our posts, we were unable to reach anyone that was able to help. 


One person suggested that we try Crowdfunding to purchase the much needed cookers. Within a few days we had raised £10, then £20. Slowly the funds trickled in,  but we didn't hold much hope of reaching our target before the cut-off date. 

Kind Benefactor

Then one morning we checked the crowdfunding page and we were bowled over to see that we had reached the target overnight. One very kind and anonymous benefactor had donated the remaining required amount. We were delighted to be able to order the new cookers. Our residents love how efficient the cookers are and have been busy baking creations during their weekly 'Bake Off' challenge, as well as their daily cooking. Thank you to all the people who donated to the cause. We are very grateful.