‘Please, remember Me……………’

We need your help! Our Children and Young People’s Services, JADA+ need your help. We are dedicated and passionate to be able to support children and young people across Leicestershire to recover and believe in themselves after living with and experiencing domestic abuse. Our aim is for children to feel safe at home and to understand that abuse is never their fault, to go on to have a happy and enjoyable childhood, living free from fear and harm. We however need vital funds to be able to continue to provide this specialist domestic abuse support, including one to one sessions and therapeutic interventions.

Our JADA+ Services are currently receiving the highest number of referrals we have ever seen.

We are working to secure £100,000.00 to be able to continue to ensure our Children and Young People’s Services remain able to support the community of Leicestershire for the next 2years.

Rosie*, aged 9 on meeting her JADA+ Worker, told us: ‘I have nightmares in the daytime, I feel scared all the time. I feel cold every day, inside my body. My fears are there all the time. I am scared to go to sleep’.

Robbie*, aged 16 told us: ‘I don’t want to be like my dad. I don’t know what a good man looks like. I’m scared I might turn into him.’

Dillion*, aged 4 told us: ‘I want to put daddy in the dumper truck because then he will be thrown away and I won’t have to see him. He breaks my toys’.

Sacha*, aged 12 told us: ‘Please, remember me. You have changed my life. You were the first person who understood and listened and changed things for me and my family’.

Help us to ensure that every child is remembered, that every child has access to dedicated domestic abuse support from trained practitioners who every day strive to keep children safe and to help them to understand that domestic abuse is never acceptable and there is a happy, safe childhood for every child.

If you can help us to support children to Journey Away from Domestic Abuse, please get in touch. We really do need your help. ‘Please, Remember Me’.

*name changed to ensure safety and confidentiality.